“Wow! Take a brake at this point because when someone considers the behalf of his couple over his own… we are speaking about LOVE (with Capitals letters and bold font).”

I meet Eve arriving late for the inauguration session of the Executive MBA. Later, during the chilled lunch break she also seemed in a rush! Then is when I start thinking that she was just the way she lives… even in the accreditation card of IE Business School she showed up running!

At the end of the first day, due assignments where already over the desk. Having a closing day coffee with my working team I realized “this is crazy”: A Japanese, a Saudi, a Jordanian, one French living in Thailand and a Korean living in Kenya… this is starting like a joke!

With this promising multicultural pandemonium that I was on board… the project manager inside me started to work undercover… How could we coordinate?. Ok! I´d set up a WhatsApp group… please give me your long phone numbers! I’d invite a coffee to the one that has more numbers in their phone!

Eve seemed shy… texting with her Stone Age laptop, so I kept her for the end. Once everybody else left the cafeteria I went back to Eve:

  • So Eve which is your telephone number?… I’d add you to the chat! – Her big blue eyes showed behind her purple glasses frame…
  • Nothing… What… What is Whatsapp?… I don´t have one… – I was astonished, so she start again saying – I have a relax life… and one of my goals to enroll this Executive MBA is to catch up the technology… Would you help me with that? (This last phrase she told me in Spanish with Argentinian accent).

She knock me again. She doesn´t have Whatsapp? She speaks English with very Frenchie accent… and she speaks also Spanish! With south American accent!

After a complete day at United Nations Business School, that just was too much. Take a sip from coffee mug and make eye contact again… “For sure! Count on me!¨.

We start with the WhatsApp, hang out, google docs, Evernote, her mind was so fast!  but my spider sense was already alerted, there shall be a marvelous love story… because only love push people to such estrange accent speaking cocktails… so it just think and without realizing speak up in loud voice: Eve… please tell me your love story.

When Eve finished college started to travel around the world as mechanical engineer. Destiny drove her occasionally to Argentina where she meet who nowadays is his husband. Marin is an architect a bit much older than Eve, and they started meeting in trips for the first 2 years where Eve was jumping from one country to another.

Last trip period in Argentina, Marin showed Eve two piles of document. The first big one were made of projects pending of payment, and second slim one was for new projects. Marin looked Eve and said: “This is not going to improve.”

They moved to France, Marin was trying to validate his architect degree in Spain, but that would only have worked for Spanish territory… no improvement. Personal life compensate and they received the joy of a blue-eyed daughter.

Eve was climbing in her career when Marin was heading the last leap, and the offer to Eve came. A managerial position in the other side of the world, Thailand.

She was considering to decline the offer because in that country would be even more difficult for Marin to work. And here is where I found one of the most significant love signs I have ever know… even more coming from an Architect:

  • Eve do you remember the pile of projects? My best architect projects have already been done. Now is your time to shine. I would follow you wherever you go and take care of our best project together, our daughter.

Wow! Take a brake at this point because when someone considers the behalf of his couple over his own… we are speaking about LOVE (with Capitals letters and bold font).

Marin is dedicated to their 8 years old daughter in Thailand. They cook, draw, laugh and wait for mammy to come back for dinner. Eve is relaxing knowing that Marin is with an always smiling kid.

And this is the inspiring love story I wanted to share with you devoted reader. Thanks Eve and Marin to increase the amount of love that you have bring to this world. I would keep learning from Eve, fan number one.